Il Duomo (Cathedral)

Duomois a term for an Italian cathedral church. The formal Italian word for a church that is now a cathedral is cattedrale; a duomo may be either a present or a former cathedral (the latter always in a town that no longer has a bishop nor therefore a cathedral, as for example Trevi). Some, like the Duomo of Monza, have never been cathedrals, although old and important. Many people refer to particular churches simply as "Il Duomo" or "the duomo", without regard to the full proper name of the church. Similar words exist in other languages: Dom (German), dom (Romanian), dóm (Hungarian and Slovakian), domkirke (Danish), dómkirkja (Icelandic), domo (Portuguese) domkyrka (Swedish), domkirke (Norwegian), doms (Latvian), toomkirik (Estonian), and tuomiokirkko (Finnish).

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